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 Our custom pinstripes, vinyl decals and repair services are the best in the business for dealerships, body shop repair facilities, and individual vehicle owners like yourself.

Mobile Services

Austin Auto Trim is a mobile service that will come to your dealership, shop, office or home in Austin or surrounding areas. 

Our Quality Promise

We are committed to providing a stress-free experience to all of our customers.  With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, our job is done when 

you are satisfied!   


Our material is a professional grade vinyl (tape) pinstripe that is available in many colors, sizes, and designs. These vinyl pinstripes are compatible with the majority of automobiles, such as; trucks, sedans, certain sports cars, vans, and trailers. Every vehicle has its own contour and colors for which pinstripes are engineered specifically to accent.  We can repair old or damaged pinstripes or decals, and replace with a customized design.  


Select your color or design from a large assortment of pinstripes.  We'll meet you at your office, home, or any location convenient for you within Austin or surrounding areas to install your pinstripe or decal.  (Prices range between $65-$250)


Pinstripes on new car dealership inventories provides an increase in vehicle appeal, adds value to the buyer, and an opportunity for our clients to increase profit margins. 

We offer a competitive volume based pricing discount for our clients with large inventories.


A fresh pinstripe is a great way to distract the eye from scratches or wear and tear that the majority of used cars have. It adds an increased value and appeal to the consumer, and provides an opportunity for increased profit margins. If you've got a few cars that need new pinstripes, then give us a call and we'll come to you.


We'll remove any damaged vinyl pinstripe and replace it with a fresh one for you.


Having a consistent look for your company vehicles is appealing to you and your customers. We offer a competitive volume based pricing discount for our clients with large inventories.

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